Saturday, February 03, 2007

Happy New Year

Should be eating dumplings today, to induce prosperity n all, for the new year. Shouldn't be cleaning but did anyways. Gotta enjoy big love, no fights, happiness and new beautiful things all day, to pave the way for a year of peace and bounty.
Being offline is really hard for me. The prospect of work on Monday is also kinda tough, no matter how much I'm sure it's good and right and my colleagues are wonderful. My small break is over, really, bar the cheering, and it has been so wonderful. I spent a day at the beach! Thanks to the generosity of KP, I looked a treat in her stripey swimmers. It was wonderful, down at Black Rock, the water was so clear and the sand clean and it wasn't too hot. Very peaceful and lovely.
Love to all those who are near and far. Love to those I've seen in this first week back, who remembered me and reminded me. Big love to those who I left in K-land. Love to those whom I don't know or barely know who still offer little sweetness and light.


Steve Chatelier said...

sounds wonderful, Bonnie. May the joy continue!

KorJen said...

sounds wonderful... FANTASTIC. I hope my transistion home is as smooth! Missing you from the land of "K"

jethan said...

are u a hippie now? where's the bitter bc i knew so well? peaches n' cream to you. kudos on the blissfulness. may it last forever. miss you. luv you.