Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Meanwhile, Elsewhere

On Sunday I went to my friend's birthday barbecue and had a lovely time. Eating, drinking, praising the rain when it came, playing with little ones, singing happy birthday... All that.
There was one sober moment, though, in the conversations about holidays and house hunting, wine and fashion. Birthday girl's sister is engaged to a man from Guinea, so I asked 'how is Mohammad?'. She replied that things are not great right now as the president had declared martial law, there was a curfew in place, the army had shot at peaceful protesters and generally the country was teetering on the edge of civil war.

Did you know? I certainly didn't. But I'm kinda cut off from the news at the moment.
Was it on the TV? Did you read about it? Anyways, if you are curious about the big world of things we don't know, particularly this situation in Guinea, read up on the BBC's site.


mskp said...

sobering, isn't it?

speaking of which, i forgot to URGE YOU at lunch today to go and see the last king of scotland. i'd love to hear your review.

we're going to see the good shepherd tonight. ah, matt damon...ALL-AMERICAN DREAMBOAT.

kira said...

KP, both those movies are brilliant - Bonnie get thee to the cinema! (Also, if you haven't, see 'The Departed' but skip 'Babel')
Hope you're well at home sweets. Tell us more about the new job xxx

jethan said...

i think i'd add the bbc to my new routine. the korean herald just doesn't seem to be cutting it.

KorJen said...

I shall return very soon... In one week. I am excited and nervous, and all those things that change represent! Should be a really good time though.. Am looking forward to sharing a bed again (with more than a cat)