Saturday, January 06, 2018

Three point five

Self-portrait. Pretty Valley, 10 January 2018. 
Life at 3.5.
  • Tintin is the best and she talks about going to Kathmandu. Totally understood and was compelled by the story of the Yeti.
  • Rides with training wheels and riding gloves. Loves going fast. Good using her brakes. Hasn't practised scooter yet.
  • Sleeps through. Sleeps great in tent.
  • Mostly wet nappies, overnight, but desperately wants to rid them. Not yet.
  • Lately gets sore tummy and gets upset and distracted by it. Joy when a poo comes.
  • Great at remembering directions, landmarks, where to turn.
  • Tells us she loves us.
  • Gets a little sweaty head. We're so glad her hair got cut.
  • Loves princesses and talks about magic. Occasionally puts spells on us when angry!
  • Gives excellent hugs and hangs on so tight with feet and legs when carried.
  • Everything has to be negotiated. She has her own ideas about how things should be.
  • Started to get noticeably physically stronger.
  • Doesn't deal with sugar very well. Usually sends her loopy.

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