Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Taking stock at 37

Making : Summer holiday plans over and over
Cooking : Mostly FODMAP food
Drinking : Three litres of water a day
Reading: Lots of excited 'YES!' messages after the survey results released today
Trawling: AI articles
Wanting: Simplicity
Looking: Out at all the greens in the garden as I drink my morning coffee
Deciding: On a new job
Wishing: For a wonderful fourth trimester for my new nephew
Enjoying: Milla and her character
Waiting: For the job offer to land in my inbox!
Liking: My new coconut yoghurt and peanut butter treat
Wondering: How Milla's first haircut will go tonight
Loving: Having a houseguest
Pondering: If I will actually read more books in 2018
Listening: To the tap tap tap of the keyboards around the office, including mine
Considering: My years at this workplace and all the people I have in my village here.
Buying: No Christmas presents yet, eep
Watching: Half of Jo Cinque's Consolation
Hoping: For a happy tummy
Marvelling: At how happy a new nephew makes me
Cringing: When my colleagues get their coffees in disposable cups.
Needing: A filing system for household papers.
Smelling: Pollen, jasmine and the warm asphalt
Wearing: Dresses most days
Noticing: New train stations being built apace
Trouble-shooting: Logistics, always logistics
Thinking: About writing a Christmas list
Admiring: Newly re-hung pictures
Getting: Back into morning probiotics
Bookmarking: Or more like, opening tabs and laving there all week, unread
Opening: A present from my Dad this morning
Closing: My mind to new projects here
Feeling: Queasy at the survey announcement
Dreaming: Vividly in the mornings
Hearing: Chatter
Celebrating: My own birthday!
Pretending: A little awkwardly in Milla's games
Embracing: Summer.

Inspired and loaning from Practising Simplicity and Meet me at Mike's.

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