Tuesday, October 04, 2016

28 months

Three nights camping. No sweat. Loved it.
Love this kid. She is really quite independent. Though terribly affectionate too.
We met a young Chinese guy called Jacky, he camped a night nearby us in Mansfield. In the morning he was packing up and Milla told me she wanted to give him a goodbye cuddle. I think she was too shy and just had a chat but it was a pretty cute instinct.
She and I had a grand time, two long leisurely days while Charlie was riding. Took the trailer out and did the rail tail towards Maindample. She walked, she snoozed, she sung, commentated. We went to parks, parks, parks.

Goofy family. 
This kid at 2 1/4.
Gets a sore red lip from eating a kiwi fruit.
Can count to seven for sure, sometimes 11.
Knows she is being funny/entertaining.
Latest catch cry is 'What's your name', though doesn't listen to answer. When asked she'll say her FirstNameLastName really fast and quiet and it's not comprehensible.
Knows happy, sad, grumpy, scared. Scared is for lawnmowers. And vacuum cleaners.

Mostly I collect her from childcare, around 4:40, to screams of 'MY MUMMY!!' or utter indifference. We have some routines, I must have snacks, she usually has a shoulder ride. She can point out platform numbers and knows we go home via Platform 6 at North Melbourne. Still obsessed with Flagstaff station (we've never gotten of there).

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