Thursday, March 03, 2016

20 months

Really good at remembering names. Really tired on Monday and Tuesday nights after running running running at childcare all day. Best friends with Toby (Toby Toby Toby!). Spent first night and day with just Charlie. Hot cross bun for breakfast. Eats all meals standing at tower, high chair gone. Wants to help, put nappy in bin or laundry, pack/unpack dishwasher, wash vegies, wipe up spills.

Goes to bed with Alpi, Doll and Peter 'Babbit'. Getting longer all the time. Loves to kiss and cuddle and greet and farewell.

Really getting into conversation, will run through all vocabulary and seek confirmation. Very content and peaceful sitting with tools out by the bikes. Knows an Allen key and where to use it.

Still very adaptable with people, happy with groups of people. Not interested in books.

Would benefit from moving into toddler room, her brain is exploding. Can say goodbye to me going to yoga or wherever and be relaxed.

Visiting my office. 
Love her love her love.

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