Monday, February 22, 2016


Warm night, big raindrops, pink sky. Milla quiet to bed. Charlie away.

Home on train, strawberries from Aldi disappearing fast. Unfriendly people on train, rare. Home to stand at counter, eat haloumi and more strawberries.

Into Milla's room, "Switch, light. Shoes, off, please. Buttons." Turns around for me to take her dress off. "Shorts, nappy. Up!"

Into bed to lie on her tummy and gaze at me lying on the couch. Chatting chatting. Pulls a blanket up over her head, turned away from me. Chatting chatting.

At some point she wants out and lies on me on the couch, soft fleece dressing gown covering her. Little eye peeping.

At home. 

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