Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Good morning face. 
Wakes so happy. Going to bed earlier. Tomato harvesting gets her out of bed. Both Alpi and doll into bed with her. Still those big lips. More of a neck everyday.

Camping on the weekend, back near the Howqua where we'd taken tiny baby Milla at nine weeks old, Charlie's first Father's Day. She was one of many kids in the busy holiday weekend campground. Something we would have hated in the past as camping snobs... Horses camped nearby, noisy cockatoos waking us early, ducks in a brace parading.

We had two helpers, Charlie decided a ratio of 4:1 is perfect. Milla slept well both nights, we arrived Friday night to camp at 10pm. Hiked both days, Charlie rode up Buller twice and the weather was insanely good, much better than the forecast had me thinking. I should have brought swimmers.

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