Saturday, January 02, 2016

18 months or one-and-a-half

Milla at eighteen months. Beautiful, wonderful and fun. Loves giving affection and can cling cling to Charlie just for the joy of seeing him. She understands a lot, fake laughs and chats. Is learning words so quickly (but still LOVING saying 'rubbish'!). Learns names VERY fast and could distinguish the names of Alana and Elena.

Mt Stirling saddle, making a cubby from her cot. 
We can tell when she's tired as she starts to roam around doing all the hot button naughty crimes, like knocking stuff of tables or touching the bin, or picking at a hole in the plaster.

Has a funny clinging habit of saying 'Da! Ma?' to Charlie to asking him where I am, liking to check where each of us are.

Though given a doll for Christmas, Alpi is still favourite, she's always wanting to change his nappy, offer him food and water and put him to bed (after wrapping him up and patting him VERY firmly).

Milla is becoming more independent, as long as we're not far... Can play play play independently and quietly with books, blocks, water, clean laundry, buckles, Alpi.

Very keen on books and gets read maybe ten books per day, often choosing which one she wants next.

Looks like new teeth the past few days, as predicted, when away on a camping trip away! And her front one is maybe chipped, has been for ages.

Milla has distinctive walk, she goes places with purpose. Is obsessed with olives and could eat them all day, loves to say the word too.

Still not keen on cockatoos.

Can get up brick walls that are chest height.

Has broad music taste, hip hop is still a favourite and this song is #1. These days has been singing 'no more monkeys' incessantly!

Still loves her bottle. Asks for it around 7:30/8pm and will go to fridge. Then couch and nest, lie prone. Hoping to break this one...

Can identify, say, and draw 'circle'. Can identify and say 'triangle' and 'yellow'. Can say 'high five!' and give one, then a fist bump.

Can tell me when she's about to poo. Never caught it in a toilet but we're working on it.Milla has amazed and delighted us. We love her new 'wiggle wiggle' dance and attempts at the harmonica. It's been a huge 2015 and we have grand plans for consolidating family life and happy habits.

New Year's Eve. Lil fat head. See last year!

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ethan duran said...

What a cute update post. All the best to your family for 2016.