Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Seems like stars are Milla's first obsession. She can find a tiny star in the margin of a storybook. She found them on her shoes. When given a souvenir t-shirt from Vietnam, she was delighted!

On Monday at lunch Milla used the spoon to gather some pasta from her bowl and feed herself. First time.

I ran a 10k race on Sunday. A very cold morning, lots of ice on windscreen. Milla had woken at 4am and so it seemed like the morning's sleep was too disrupted and no way would I get to the race. But I did. I was fast for the first few ks. I wished I had not eaten curry for dinner. I did not doubt my pelvic floor. I ended up running a minute slower than I did in 2011, but pleased to have raced and completed.

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