Wednesday, July 01, 2015

First birthday

This time last year... There's a lot of that going on.

Naff hospital pic. 
This time... I was in labour, at home, in bed, the shower, wearing the old fleece pants I'm wearing today. In a little while Charlie would decide it was time to get in the car and head to hospital.

Tiny Milla, our awesome little girl, heart beating strong, head down, ready to start.

Strange birthday day today, Milla napping now, after a long trundle around the backyard, me at a distance, her waving sticks, drumming on the BBQ and pointing, motoring, so happy. Beating the cough and lurgy and ear infection away.

As the textbooks say, unstructured outdoor play. Tick. 
Today Milla's eaten some of my favourite things, dried dates, peanut butter flat bread, fresh strawberries, cold milk, the cake spoon.

We read Each Peach and looked for the blue bird, the black cat, the little white dog, the clock and the duck.

A visit to the cafe this morning where Milla shared vegemite toast with her little friend, the Irish. These friends were wearing matching blue puffers and had plenty of grins to share around.

It really is now - the new normal. Big love and lots of smiles and silliness are the new normal. Love Milla.

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