Friday, November 16, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me

It's raining raining today. The whole town is flooded as as we walk around Hoi An, locals are raising their belongings to higher ground and mopping mopping mopping. The hotel we wanted to stay at was right by the river and our driver said, sorry but that hotel isn't really available... We're back from the coast and it's so peaceful...
No real plans except relaxing here until Sunday when we'll fly back to Hanoi. We took the train down the coast to Danang and it was pretty hellish. As we waited at the train station for our 2300 train, tiny mice scurried around our backpacks. I thought I'd booked us sleepers but instead we had seats for the scheduled 14 hour trip.
After a long long time the train finally came to a halt; women with dried squid approached the train windows. Thinking we must be close, we optimistically start planning our arrival. The train stayed still; the women wandered away; so roosters came pecking along the track.
A few hours later, we are all hearded of the train and into some buses; the track was cut due to the floods. Buses, then back on a train for one stop. The trip has so far taken 20 hours.

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jethan said...

sounds like you are having yourself a merry little adventure.