Monday, November 26, 2007


Here I am. My new job starts today. The holidays were just long enough that I feel I have forgotten how to work. I've been in this industry for a while but things truly are very different here.

My mode of transport to work is by foot - how lovely is that? Ok, it's not around the corner but a 45 minute walk feels good. Charlie came part of the way and as we went through the park, we laughed at a puppy chasing a bird flying high high.

Mum came over yesterday and gave me my birthday present - potting mix, planters and little baby herbs and lettuce. We potted them together and carefully poured water around the seedlings. Hopefully I don't kill them too quickly.


jethan said...

did i miss your birthday? happy belated birthday. good luck on the new job. i'm sure you'll do a wonderful job.

enxofre said...

happy birthday!!! it seems that we are the only two in the world sharing a passion: nuclear disasters! :)

have a nice week!

enxofre said...

i love that country, i go there whenever i can!... and what about you?

thank you for your words about my pictures... i also have a website with some: