Sunday, March 25, 2007

Two Really Good German Movies

My first trip to Video Ezy in forever and the two movies I chose were German. And really good. They were on that long list of movies I know received great reviews and which I fully intended to see when they were at the cinema... But didn't.
So, Downfall. Phew. We watched it over two nights. It was intense. Dear Sweet Charlie commented that the background noises in the bunker seemed really real. I wondered, is that part of cinematography?
I like watching movies where I don't know any of the actors.
Next movies was Goodbye Lenin! Great all-round, like Downfall. Great colours, dialogue, characters, insight into history. But this one was funny too.

See both if you haven't already.

I wanna go East. Euro.


Baby Doc said...

Add The Lives of Others to your list of Deutch delights. It's amazing.

And keep The Good German off your list. It's terrible - so bad that I felt the need to express my position on network television.

I miss you, we need to catch up. SOON.

mskp said...

downfall is on the list of movies i want to see but haven't due to my belief that they'll send me into conniptions of despair from which it will take too long to recover. dogville was on this list AND I WAS RIGHT but it was totally worth the pain.

goodbye lenin, on the other hand - what a delight! the music was particularly good. like you, it heightened my desire to get to berlin, stat.

nice talking flicks with you...x

Bonnie Conquest said...

My German mate Magda emailed to say we need to check out Sunshine Alley (Sonnenallee) a cool new G-flick.

See you in the East, KP.

Rach said...

Goodbye Lenin is beautiful. I have a total crush on the baby-faced protagonist.

KP - Dogville totally confirmed my slavish love for the Kidman. The only Lars Von Trier film worth the price of the inevitable box of tissues.

M said...

looooooooved Goodbye Lenin! Haven't seen Downfall yet, must rent it!

audrey said...

I liked Goodbye Lenin too, and the actor in it. Dreamy...

I also liked The Edukators. A little twee, but also nostalgically reminiscent of a time before I was crushed by cynicism.

richardwatts said...

baby doc, agree 100% - The Good German is awful - and not really a German film, besides...

I'm with mskp on Downfall - I keep meaning to watch it but have yet to be in the right mood when I'm browsing dvd shelves... but now that you've recommended it, bonnie, I may have to bite the bullet.