Friday, March 16, 2007

Last Weekend

Friday. And my post is about last weekend. Celebrated the long weekend last weekend by going away with my lover to the country. It was divine. Heavenly. Relaxing. Fresh air, apples from the roadside stall. Cute little cousins drawing us pictures. We stayed on a farm and had geese, cows and a goat called Nellie as our friends. And the stars and the peace. Was grand.

This week has been insane at work. So busy. I am holding a big event next week and we have lots of preparation - international visitors - blah blah. Hoping it will be a notch on my belt when it's all done and dusted. Standing in the tornado, though, it's pretty hellish.

Went to yoga last night. Pain today. But a return to a form I never had is imminent. Then heard some brilliant crime poetry by Dorothy Porter read out in Eltham.

Won't mention the bad news.


Pia said...

Good luck on the event!

So, do you enjoy yoga? Is there a particular style you're practicing? I find that taking classes in California is very different than in Korea.

kira said...

what's the bad news, babe?

jethan said...

i'm sure any event you are planning will be smashing. best of luck. miss you dearly.

Baby Doc said...

i want to start yoga as well. shame i dont have 5 minutes to spare.

i LOVE that fan. It would make the perfect housewarming for when you come over and we share chai and gossip.


KorJen said...

Wow, you've settled in nicely...
Vangroovy is grand!