Sunday, April 23, 2006


The last post I made spurred one freaked-out phone call from Luis and one freaked-out text from Teach, which was kinda funny. Thankfully I'm over the panic I had on Friday about what to do. Maybe Alan is right and the real freak-out happens after the decision has been made, and that's what I was feeling. One of the things that causes me the most anxiety is resigning... Tomorrow! I'll do it!

Anyways, looks like I'll be leaving on or about the 19th June. So I've less than 8 weeks to get all my shit together. And I'm doing a 10-day Vipassana in that time too! Sheesh.

AND plan a *byebyebaby* party...

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Bonnie Conquest said...

Party is 20th May @ my house!
Be there :)