Sunday, April 30, 2006

Cost of Living

Before I went to Lithuania I sent an excited email with info about my destination out. It included costs for basic items, as an indication of the cost of living generally. I stated the average cost for a litre of vodka, a bag of potatoes and a mars bar. Dad retorted with an exclamation about the potential health problems and lifestyle that a diet such as this inferred I would suffer.

So... herewith the essential for the Republic of Korea, where the currency is the South Korean won:::

all bottle of water: W800.00 - AU$1
litre of petrol: W1,250.00
small bottle of beer: W1,500.00
souvenir t-shirt: W5,000.00
local newspaper: W600.00
tteokbokki snack: W2,000.00 - AU$2.80
food-court lunch: W6,000.00
cinema ticket: W7,000.00
steak dinner: W25,000.00
tailor-made suit: W200,000.00 - AU$280

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