Sunday, July 08, 2018

Four years old


Perfectionist. Gets frustrated with a sub par effort.

Amazing memory.

Seems to be comfortable hanging out with different people. Adaptable. Hangs out with kinder friends and any visitors at home and seamlessly switches.

Practising the art of conversation.

Producing heaps of drawings. A week or two solid of the same thing at a time. A month of princesses. Then princesses with striped rainbow dresses. Then princesses with families. Then princesses with hair. Then princesses with castles. Castles with doors, door handles and windows. First buildings. Yellow sun up top and green grass underfoot. A flower with petals, and two leafs up its stalk.
Self portrait by Milla as a four year old. 
Scoots most days and tried to do tricks sometimes. Leans her chest on the handles and spreads out her arms like flying. Crouches down and wiggles her bum and kicks out her legs, dancing and rolling.

Her desk is always piled up with cutting, drawing, papers, textas, sticky-tape.

Friendly. Beautiful. Matter-of-fact.

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