Monday, September 18, 2017

Sick day

Milla is three years old and so healthy. Thriving. Growing. Sleeps well. Most weeks we stand her in the doorway to see if she's grown. Today she said 'iPad' which was a surprise. We don't even have one. Who taught her that? Looking at the candle on the restaurant table last night at dinner, she told us the word for 'fire' in Chinese.

We were at an Indian restaurant. She was sooky and annoying and didn't eat. The staff had lots of 'mango' specials on the menu, including dessert. The owner wanted to give some but we declined on grounds that she had refused all her dinner. He told her to eat it so she could have ice-cream. She shoveled it all down. Loved the ice-cream and shared it voluntarily with all at the table, and didn't finish it all.

This morning at 4am I woke to her in the hallway, crying because she left her backpack on the train. Sweet little confused creature went back to sleep so easily with consoling.

Who's that peeping? 
Mondays are a 6am gym day for me, I'm home at 7am to a kid with a runny bottom. Panic as we both have busy workdays. Then sweet relief when I remember a set of grandparents have handily retired. Hurrah.

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