Sunday, May 28, 2017

34 months and activities

Riding to work. Milla eating seaweed nice crackers that I buy from Aldi on my way to collect her. Can sing nonsense for fifteen minutes on the ride home. Darkness and three lights on my bike and the trailer. Home around 6pm after I hurry out of office at 4:30ish.

Discovered by accident that Milla can count to ten in Chinese.

Revisited the Mt Victoria hiking trail up Mt Donna Buang from Warburton. I blogged about it ages ago. This time I had my Garmin watch and could actually track the distance, elevation, etc properly. The sign still says 12kms / 7 hours, but it's 16kms and took us 4 hours. The path was busier than ever but aside from that, pretty much unchanged since I first walked it in 2010.

Planning a return to the winter high country adventures before the gates close.

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