Wednesday, February 15, 2017

31 months and up to FNQ

Can count perfectly to eleven and then just free forms.

Calls me by my short name, so tenderly.

She's taller and thinner. Easily alternates skipping breakfast and dinner.

When she wets her undies and we're mad she says 'are you my friend?'.

Still has a cup o milk before bed, and a nighttime nappy. Still in cot with side off. Gets up for a drink of water often around 4:45am. Is lead peacefully back to bed.

Talks a lot about school, as in, when she's bigger she'll go to school. On a bike, on two busses, on a train. In Footscray. Going to have a big orange backpack. A big 'lello' backpack.

31 months: Hot summer day and hosing the garden and shortly, herself. 
Flew up to see my Papa, maybe for the last time, for Milla's second time. She was a great little traveller, warm and cheery with Papa, slept great in our random AirBnB, and good company on outings and the mundane.

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