Tuesday, November 08, 2016

29 months if I count correctly

Charlie hates 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'. Milla loves it. Chimes in to say 'dark gloomy cave!'. Charlie reluctantly read it to her and tried to elicit empathy for the maligned bear... "what do you do when someone is sad?", the reply: "stop hitting".

Summer evening post-dinner park trip. 
Milla at... twenty-nine months?! We often can't believe she's nearly 2.5 years old. Seems too clever.

Excellent sense of smell, just like me. Could sense mango tray in fridge from me open-shut of fridge door and she a few steps away.

Still loves her sleep, though can now reach her bedroom door handle and has on occasion escaped to the hallway. Once, the other night, her door possibly opened itself and I woke to a sound of somewhat panicked pitter patter along the hallway.

Can be very moody, huge irrational tantrums that can suddenly end and through hiccupy breaths she presents her self as "I'm a happy girl! I'm not crying! I was cryyyyying".

Will do anything for a twelve minute episode of 'The new adventures of Peter Rabbit' - will usually attempt to bargain for two or more.

Can tell you about her day and what she did. Entertains the masses on public transport with hilarious and often loud running commentary. Amazing memory for detail of events and places.

Initially shy around other kids, but is actually just taking the time to work them out and after fifteen minutes she's the ring leader.

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