Sunday, July 31, 2016

25 months

Cleaning the bricks. 
Zoo trip after a sleepover at our place with uncle and aunt. Funtimes apart from the senseless night wakings. Random.

Started to amass critters for bedtime... Used to just be Alpi, then doll, then rabbit, then baby, sloth, rat, more rabbits, a duck... Referred to as 'everyone, everyone!'.

Riding the balance bike around the block with skyrocketing confidence. Great for lighter evenings as winter begins to wane.

Hasn't done swimming lessons for maybe six months, maybe start again this week.

Hard to describe but seems strange to call her my daughter as she feels like she is her own person, Milla, an independent member of our family.

Did two year check in at the nurse and she's mid-range for height and top of range for weight. Speaking in sentences of six or seven words, sings her whole alphabet, can sometimes count to seven.

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