Monday, June 06, 2016

23 Months

Meeting (Grand-) Papa.
First of June we flew to Cairns, a long lovely day. Started with caution, as Milla has thrown up on the train the previous day... Childcare called and instructed me to collect her as she had a temperature. I had cycled in (four degrees in the morning!) and so thought better to take her home on the train. She was flat, cuddly, warm, then vomiting and distressed.

First of June she woke ok so we retrieved the bike, packed the car, headed to the airport and boarded without incident... Milla was a handful on the plane, tired but not restful. We arrived to Papa's following that dark, winding drive along coast and through cane fields up to Wonga Beach.

Milla at 23 months. Energetic. Conversational. Warm, caring, cheeky, stubborn and very curious about the world.

Eats everything. Drinks tea. Loves sausage, blueberries, almonds and olives. Sleeps from 730pmish to 630amish. Needs to wake up on her own terms or grouchy. Sometimes has hysterical illogical tantrums that end suddenly. Sings sings sings. Particularly A-B-C lately. Insanely affectionate with the puppet teddy in a book that Charlie animates. Not quite but nearly toilet trained during day.

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