Monday, April 04, 2016

21 Months

These days. A barista told Milla she was too big for the stroller. She talked about the truck and its engine, dazzling Charlie when he asked about her day. This week, screaming after going to bed, and crying upon waking "mummy, mummy", not a name I'm known by.

Picked up from childcare today and she had a baby doll in arms and a carrier sling. Apparently needed her hands free to go to the shops. Wanted to walk to station, howled down Elizabeth Street, strapped in stroller.

Says "tiny" in the cutest way. Scrunches up her nose in a gesture of negativity, hard to explain. Loves going under bridges, loves circles, loves sitting at her desk and drawing on an already full page. Drinks her milk from an open cup, seated on couch, usually 7:30pm.

Big crazy happy love and affection.

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