Monday, January 20, 2014

17 weeks and Warburton

Seventeen weeks pregnant and a lovely summer weekend full of activities, friends and eucalyptus smells.

After a week of back to work and 40+ heat, Friday night was greeted with joy as the temperature plummeted from 4:30pm. The forecast winds kept us at home Friday night so we packed the car early Saturday and headed to meet our fellow cycling buddies for an eggy breakfast at APTE (which appears to have changed hands...).

Our weekend plan included a ride up Mt Donna Buang, camping at Warburton Caravan Park, then rock climbing at Ben Cairn. Three different groups of friends and three activities around the Yarra River up in the ranges.

Thanks Roxanne Silk for the photo of me winding up to (halfway-point of) Donna Buang. A great day-trip destination for a walk, ride or just fresh air.

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