Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hit the road

Read two books this month. That's a record. Don't read books much anymore, it's a sad fact. Lucky for me I have people who lend me good ones so I when I do read, they come recommended. Two slightly dark, and very different novels, 'What I have Loved' and 'The Road'. Testament to me having a week off in Queensland, and then a house with no Charlie... A space for reading.

Last Friday, after drinks and crackers at Prudence, heading home slowly on the steel horse when I smashed into Swanston Street. I thought, I should be humiliated, but all my energy was going into shock. Confidence in tatters, the final leg was very slow and there may have been some sobbing. Hot shower and sympathy down the phone lulled me to sleep.


jethan said...

perhaps you shouldn't read while operating the steel horse.

Rick said...

I found it unusual--your interest in self-immolation. There are 8 people that list it as one of their interests. hmmmm!

Rick said...

I'm glad your interest was not a personal goal.