Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Some Good Ideas - Plopp!

In Hong Kong I was impressed that I could check-in for my flight at the Central train station, and my bags went all the way through. What a good idea.

Here in Lund, in Southern Sweden, it appears that you can deposit your used recyclables at a hole-in-the-wall within a supermarket; you get a refund; or your press a button to give the refund to a charity. What a good idea. Nearly as good as a federal law prohibiting charging for university tuition. Brilliant.

Not sure about calling a chocolate 'plopp', however.


jethan said...

did you taste the chocolate plopp?

mskp said...

hahaha...i bet she did!

bonnie ate a plopp!

*grows up*

mskp said...


like i'd grow up...x

Baby Doc said...

It's a double plopp!

bros said...

I have a photo of me infront of a billboard advertising plopp......

I am making an amusing face.

Tee hee........... plopp...!

Bonnie Conquest said...

Double delicious.
Terribly famous.

passport in my pocket said...

ha! that's funny.