Monday, February 04, 2008

Straw Widow

The lovely receptionist at my work told me this morning that she's a 'straw widow' - her partner is away for two days. So far my life as a straw widow has been good - not much time at home, most time spent out and about with girls. Yesterday a big drive up to Tarra Warra to check out a mogul's art collection. Oh, and scones on the way, at Monsalvat.

Donated blood this morning and was asked to consider donating plasma instead. Although it looks a bit creepy, I think I'll try it. No one ever said donating was fun anyway.


jethan said...

way to rock the shades!

mskp said...

jeez, you are such a super giver-away of your bodily stuffs. good work.

and yeah...cute pic!

Anonymous said...

I think the shades should be bigger old 13 y.o. :op