Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Zenit Success!

After anxiety about how to open the camera, how to load film, and how to operate the light metre, I finally shot my first roll of photos with my *new Zenit*!
Thanks to all helpers, especially the pregnant one!
Attached is the first foray into the old-school method. Comments welcome. Yeah, I know, it's just tomatoes! Check out my photo album where there are more shots, and lots more from my other new camera, a Nikon Cooplpix 5000.

2006 the year of the photo!


luis said...


nice reds there! but more specs please (shutter speed, aperture, etc).

can't say i'm a big fan of the zenit, even though it's soviet-made.

my dream machine is the Olympus OM-1.

... and like i told you the other day, you've inspired me to trawl ebay and look around 2nd hand camera shops in town to see if i can find one.

Bonnie Conquest said...

So funny that you like the Olympus which 'made claims to be the quietest and most vibration-free SLR', which is THE OPPOSITE OF MY ZENIT!
Comrade, I'll have to check my little scrap that I wrote the specs on - I'll post tomorrow.
I used the Zenit for a wedding that I photographed on Saturday and it was scary manually rewinding under pressure. Heh heh.

Bonnie Conquest said...

Luis - I took the tomato photo with 4 @ 60. Kodak 400 colour film.

luis said...

comrade bonnie

thank you for the specs. that's surprisingly not grainy for a photo taken on an asa 400. kudos to kodak, i stopped using it ages ago in my poor little country in favour of better and cheaper fuji film. (kodak had this fine-print line on the label: "this film is only for sale in central america and the caribbean. made in the usa" - god knows what crappy chemicals they were selling us - they have a history of doing that, y'know).

Bonnie Conquest said...

Conspiracy theorist!
You are such a paranoid, comrade Luis!

luis said...

to paraphrase the great Gabriel Garcia Marquez: the problem for every writer in Latin America is that fiction cannot keep up with reality...