Thursday, September 01, 2005

Port Augusta

Heading West tonight. Staying in Adelaide then getting up early and trying my luck out at Baxter. Wish me luck. Back on Monday.

New photos in album. Mum's book launch at Dante's, McGregor and Wallace's birthday, shenanigans up at Hirsty's, Monsta Fat, Heide, etc.

I'm going to close with some quotes from an email I got from a Melbourne guy who just got to Lithuania: "Last night Sarunas left the party for a smoke outside and he came back with a black eye. In Lithuania it seems that it is also dangerous for guys our age to drink. They get beaten in the night. I look forward to it. Not only Sarunas but a guy who came to the party turned up with a black eye. He'd got it from a party the other week. You get drunk. You leave the flat. You get kicked and you can't defend yourself. THEY ARE BEATING PEOPLE UP OVER HERE AND NO ONE CAN REMEMBER WHO THE FUCK DOES IT."

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