Monday, August 15, 2005

My Car is Ready!

So excited... My lil car is apparently ready to check out of the hospital! I'll be back on the road this week! Great great great. Look out Melbourne.

Saw another recommendable moofie this weekend: Crash. It's on at the Nova. Great stuff. And before it showed, there was a preview for Turtles Can Fly, and it gave me cascading goosebumps, so I'm rapt that it is on general release.

News: British pop star Phil Collins is coming to Lithuania. The author of "Another day in paradise," "Easy lover," and other famous songs will perform in Siemens Arena in Vilnius on October 22. The British performer, who is visiting Lithuania for the first time, included Vilnius on the route of the "First Final Farewell Tour"."This is a concert that we can be proud of," Giedre Zemaitiene, the head of the agency that is organizing the concert, said. According to her, the sum paid to the performer will be the largest sum paid to an artist in Lithuanian pop history. Collins and his band will also perform in Estonia. The article states that the 8,000 tickets to the concert of the star, which will take place in Tallinn in October, were sold out in 55 minutes. Yikes!

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